Sportul si animalele

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In acest qiuz doresc sa prezint asocierea dintre sport si animale! Unele activitati sportive pe care le desfasoara omul, le fac animalele.

Locuri celebre din Romania

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🗻🏜🏕🏖Va provoc la un quiz în care veți afla despre multe locuri celebre din România. Start calatorieI! 🌋🏞🏝🏔🕌


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Animalele sunt fascinante. Ele sunt vietuitoare la fel ca tine. Citeste mai multe despre ele.

The Capitals of the World

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Choose the correct capital for each country. Good luck everyone!

Snake Detective – National Geographic Learning

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A snake park in the Sultanate of Oman has a serious problem: all but one of their snakes have died. The owner of the park has hired a ‘snake detective’ to uncover the mystery of the dying snakes. Why did the snakes die? Will the snake detective be able to save the new snakes? Complete […]

Flying Pumpkins – National Geographic Learning

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Every year, a group of people in Delaware have a pumpkin throwing contest. They use machines to throw pumpkins very far. The winner is the team that throws a pumpkin father than anyone else! How do they throw the pumpkins? Who’s going to win? Read the book Flying Pumpkins from National Geographic Learning and you`ll […]

Space Walks – National Geographic Learning

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The first trip outside of a spacecraft, or ‘spacewalk’, was completed in 1965. Since then many astronauts have participated in spacewalks, but spacewalking does not come without its risks and challenges and astronauts are in constant danger when in space. What are the risks and challenges of spacewalking? How do astronauts overcome them? Read the […]

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